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Stock Investment Calculators

Having the right financial tools and calculators will help you maximize your return on investment. This is where we come into play! Buying and selling stock is not as simple as taking the purchase price minus the commission and selling price. There are other things that should be taken into consideration, such as taking advantage of tax rules to increase your return.

Using The Stock Calculator

The advantages of our return calculator will help you decide the overall financial benefit of selling shares of stock. By looking at your portfolio and determining if you should sell for a loss or profit. Having a strategy will allow you to beat the stock market return.

Benefits of The Stock Return Calculator

When purchasing a number of shares over a period of time your commission can start to eat away at your return. The same can also be said about selling commission. This is when it can become difficult to determine if your overall investment has a profit or loss. This is where the stock profit calculator does it’s job by determining an average share price.

How To Use The Stock Profit Calculator

  1. Enter the average purchase price of the stock. For example if you bought 100 shares of AAPL for $118 a share and purchased another 50 shares at $110. Your average purchase price per share would $115.33. Here’s the math behind it (100 shares X $118 per share = $11,800) + (50 shares X $110 per share = $5,500). Combined total is 150 shares at $17,300. Now you divide $17,300 by 150 to get an average share price of $115.33.
  2. Enter the total number of shares.
  3. Enter the average stock selling price.