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Monthly Budget Planner

Not all budget planners are created equal. This is why we are going to discuss what to look for in a budget planner. We’ll cover a number of different budget trackers from a free monthly budget planner to some of the best ….  Read More

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Technical & Fundamental

Hi.  Thought I’d share the relevant stuff I gathered in my usual weekend review and look-forward.  Looking for crits, amplifications, other views. 1. Fed funds and Eurodollar futures are consistent with a rate hike to 2.25 – 2.5% in December, then a ….  Read More

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Fed Rate Hike

It’s always pretty hard to see the future, but especially for FI CEFs just now.  Although the market is set up to likely provide some important signals soon.  Two sides: 1. The old narrative prevails.  Fed still plans to hike rates in ….  Read More

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Fed Policy

It strikes me that the overall future rate picture and Fed policy future views are totally up for grabs at this juncture.  There will be a bitter fight to control the narrative.  Consider… 1.  Q3 GDP came out very healthy, and Feds ….  Read More