Monthly Budget Planner

Finding The Right Budget Planner

Research shows that 87% of millionaires have some type of monthly budget. If you’re saving for retirement or looking to become debt free, having a budget is a great way of making sure you meet your financial goals. For most individuals a personal budget template or a household budget template will allow you to accomplish this. Creating a college budget will help you by saving money and hopefully minimizing the need for student loans. Let’s look at some features your excel budget template should have.

So, what features should you look for in an excel budget template?

The first is a budget creator. Creating a budget from scratch can be very time consuming. This is why you want a budgeting worksheet that already has the budget categories listed out. The budget creator will show you a summary of your budget categories and your income. This will show if you have a positive cash flow, which is spending less than your current income.

The next feature you want to look for is something that easily allows you to track your spend. Remember you’re going to be entering in your spend each month, so having an excel budget template that allows you to quickly enter your spend is very useful. Budget calculators that allow you to export your credit card statements from your bank, and then import that spend information into the budget planner will save you a lot of time. This allows makes you more likely to stick with the budget and track your progress.

Benefits of a Budget Spreadsheet

The budget planner book is a simple budget template, but is a must, for effective money management. The Microsoft excel budgeting worksheet has a 8 different categories, to allow you to better track your weekly expenses.  The budget creator feature helps you come up with a balanced budget based off your income and expenses.  The excel budget template is great for small business, college students and family budgeting.  

Importing Credit Card Statements Into Budget Template

The biggest issue with budget calculators is they require a lot of time to track.  The import bank statement feature allows you to download your credit card, debit card, checking, and savings account activity and quickly upload into the budget spreadsheet.  The budgeting tool also has the ability to remove duplicate transactions that might have already been uploaded before.  This saves you time by not having to look up the exact dates of your last upload. 

Built in Smart Categorization & Naming

After uploading your statements, you’ll be able to quickly categorize the transactions.  When looking at your transactions you’ll notice that the description of the seller may show: “Albertsons #4863 Boise, Idaho”.  If you go to a few different Albertson’s grocery stores you see that the description will change.  The budget worksheet will allow you to apply a common name, so all of these transactions will show up under one name.  This is especially helpful when you’re dealing with gas stations, grocery stores, restaurant and much more.  You also have the ability to automatically categorize these transactions, so future uploads take less and less time.  This is because these expenses have already been categorized.

Monthly budget planner Template

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